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Regional and state level GAP datasets and online tools have been superseeded by the National GAP dataset.
Please visit the USGS GAP website for more information.
These data are only provided here as a convenience.
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SEGAP Southeast Regional GAP
Project Website
Download GIS data
Status: Completed
Based on 2001 datasets
PRGAP Puerto Rico GAP
Project Information
Final Report PDF
Status: Completed
Based on 2001 datasets
NCGAP North Carolina GAP
Project Website
Final Report PDF
Download GIS Data
Status: Completed
Based on 1992 datasets
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GAP Online is an Open Source Freeware solution to online GIS applications. It was created by the Biodiversity and Spatial Information Center at NC State University.

The Biological and Spatial Information Center is located within the
North Carolina Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit at North Carolina State University.
Funding and support provided by:
NC Coop. F&WL Research Unit Applied Ecology - NCSU Gap Analysis Program USGS

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